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What is the End Hunger Culinary Training Program?

The End Hunger Culinary Training Program is a FREE 6-week job training course for individuals who are unemployed or underemployed in Southern Maryland and interested in landing a career in the Hospitality Industry. Our program teaches students the skills necessary for working in a coffee shop, cafe, or bakery as a barista or manager. In addition to job skills, the six-week program provides students with the opportunity to develop and grow their life skills to include financial management and budgeting, anger management, and personal development.

Students will graduate with a National Restaurant Association ServSafe Certification and receive FREE job-placement assistance.

What do End Hunger Culinary Training Program students receive?

  • 6 weeks professional training
  • National Restaurant Association ServSafe® Certification – this certificate confirms to prospective employers that the graduates are educated in food safety.
  • Career placement assistance

I have always wanted to learn to make specialty coffee drinks and gain more cooking skills but don’t want a job doing it – do you think that this would be a good course for me?

No. This course is for individuals who are serious about obtaining employment in the Hospitality Industry.

How much does the program cost?

The program is absolutely FREE, including uniform and books.

There are a lot of topics covered in this course – how will it all be covered in six weeks?

The training session will be divided into two three-week sections, please see below for a complete schedule of the different modules offered:

Section #1: 

  • ServSafe
  • Effective Management
  • Short Order Basics
  • Baking 101
  • Barista Training

How do I apply for this program?

The Application Process for this program is as follows:

  1. Complete the application online.
  2. After the application is completed, an End Hunger representative will contact you to schedule an interview with a few weeks of the session’s start day.
  3. An End Hunger staff member will contact each applicant with a decision shortly after your interview.

Will all graduates have the opportunity to become employed at The Lobby Coffee Bar and Café?

Successful graduates of this program will all have the opportunity to participate in an interview for employment with The Lobby Coffee Bar & Café. Employment at The Lobby is not guaranteed to any student.

What are the course objectives of each of the classes offered?

ServSafe Manager Certification
Students will learn:

  • To prepare, serve and store food safely

Effective Management
Students will learn:

  • To create an environment that your co-workers and subordinates will want to be a part of
  • Best practices for leadership in the restaurant business
  • Customer Service Training
  • The mission and values specific to The Lobby Coffee Bar & Café

Short Order Basics
Students will learn:

  • To create The Lobby menu items
  • To operate, clean and maintain commercial kitchen equipment
  • Basic knife skills

Barista Training
Students will learn:

  • To create and serve a variety of beverages including espresso and blended drinks with excellence
  • To operate, clean and maintain coffee bar equipment

Baking 101
Students will learn:

  • To create and serve delicious baked goods to be sold in The Lobby Coffee Bar & Café
  • To operate, clean and maintain commercial baking equipment

Will I be required to attend all of the modules? What if I am not interested in the subject that is being taught?

Students will be required to attend the entire class – including each module. Daily attendance is mandatory.

Will there be tests and/or quizzes during the six-week course?

There will be both tests and quizzes during the course. Students will be expected to use their own time to study for the scheduled tests and quizzes. We expect that all participants will be prepared to study material written on an eighth-grade reading level.

What is the ServSafe Manager Certification?

ServSafe is a program developed in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association and sets the standard for safe food handling. This certification is required in many local restaurants and businesses and is required for all Lobby employees as well.

For more information on ServSafe and the Manager certification, please visit:

What sort of employment will this course of study all me to pursue following the completion of this course?

Successful graduates of this program will have the opportunity to apply for a position within The Lobby Coffee Bar and Café. Students will also be qualified to work at most local dining establishments.

Do I really have to be 16?


Do I need to have my own transportation?

Each student must have access to reliable transportation to and from class.

 How will the internship portion of the program be scheduled?

Students will have the opportunity to choose their own internship track – café, baking or line cook. Internships will specific to job training, where students will be required to report to a supervisor, arrive on time and in uniform, and receive feedback at the end of the internship on both their job skills and behavior. Each internship track will have different hours of operations, but students will be able to schedule hours around their schedule when available.

Do I need to attend Chesapeake Church to be eligible for this program?

Applicants do not need to be regular attendees of Chesapeake Church in order to be eligible for this program or employment at The Lobby Coffee Bar and Café. All employees and students will be required to adhere to the standards of End Hunger In Calvert County employment as well as the End Hunger In Calvert County Code of Conduct.