What is End Hunger In Calvert County?

End Hunger In Calvert County End Hunger In Calvert County is an association of over 50 Calvert County businesses and community leaders united behind the idea of ending hunger in our county.

How long has End Hunger In Calvert County been established?

End Hunger In Calvert County was formally launched in April 2008. End Hunger In Calvert County is an independent, tax-exempt corporation and is not part of any government or county agency.

What is the purpose of End Hunger In Calvert County?

End Hunger In Calvert County’s main mission is to improve the lives of Calvert County residents by moving individuals and families from dependency to self-sufficiency. We accomplish this by supporting our local food pantries and through business partnerships in our county. In addition to food drives, the purpose of End Hunger In Calvert County is to raise awareness and unite our entire community behind the idea that, together, we can defeat hunger in our county. If people aren’t aware of the problem, then there’s no reason to solve it.

Is there a need in Calvert County for this type of program?

Yes. Calvert County is the 19th wealthiest county (of any size) in the United States yet over 10,000 people utilize food pantry services every year. In addition, approximately 5,000 Calvert County residents live in poverty. Certainly we can do better for each other.

Is End Hunger In Calvert County just another food pantry?

No, End Hunger In Calvert County is a distribution center that supplies and equips our Partner Food Pantries to serve individual families. PLUS End Hunger In Calvert County does more than collect and distribute food. We want to get at the root causes of hunger in our county. Our Job Training Programs are designed to provide practical training that get our students real careers.

How does a food pantry become affiliated with End Hunger In Calvert County?

The requirements are simple for any established Calvert County food pantry. Say you will be a partner and then take food. If you have the need for food, we want to give it to you. There have been instances where food has been delivered to those having difficulty picking up.

Does all of the food-collected stay in Calvert County?

100% of all food collected stays in Calvert County helping local residents. It is truly neighbor helping neighbor.

How does End Hunger In Calvert County distribute food to needy families and shelters?

The food is distributed through the Partner Food Pantries of End Hunger In Calvert County. We give the food to the participating food pantries and they distribute the food to the people.

How do people in need go about receiving food from the ‘End Hunger’ program?

A list of our Partner Food Pantries is on our web site – click the Get Help option.

Are our food pantries able to maintain an adequate supply to provide for all Calvert County residents who need help?

No, unfortunately, the needs are so great, that food pantries are struggling to meet the increased demands of new families seeking help. Food pantries rely on the generous support of the local community throughout the entire year, not just the month of October.

What role do your sponsors take in supporting this program?

Our sponsors do many things – some provide financial support, others provide in kind support – some provide program support. The one thing they all do is help us keep the need and the cause in front of the county.

Are contributions to EHCC tax deductible?

Yes, As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contributions to End Hunger In Calvert County are tax deductible. Our Federal Tax ID# 80-0456174

How can I find out more information about EHCC and how to volunteer?

Interested individuals can email [email protected] or call us at 410-257-5672.