Hundreds of children in Calvert County rely on public schools’ free and reduced meal programs for their daily meals. When the pandemic hit in March of 2020 and closed schools, over 1,300 students were left without consistent access to breakfasts or lunches offered by schools’ nutritional programs.

While the school system provided locations for meal pickups, most of our county’s neediest children lacked transportation to food sites. Due to our longstanding relationship with Calvert County Board of Commissioners, The Calvert County Board of Education and The Calvert County Public Schools, End Hunger was contacted to lead the coordination of teams and provision of food to ensure these students would not go hungry. In addition, we partnered with The United Way to mobilize teams of volunteers to oversee the opportunity.

Powerful Shot Of Sad Child

1,300 Students

Received Food

430,292 Meals


500 Volunteer


No one should have to choose between feeding their kids and paying their electric bill.
With your help, they won’t.

Since March 2020, teams of community volunteers pack Kids Kits at the End Hunger Warehouse to distribute to students weekly. Because students’ information is private, End Hunger works in partnership with the Calvert County Public Schools who then equip The Student Resource Officers (SRO’s) from each school. Subsequently, SRO officers deliver breakfast, lunch and snacks to the children to eat throughout the week.

We are excited to continue supporting the children and families in our community through this impactful initiative until the end of the 2020-2021 school year, or as long as the need exists thereafter.

Powerful Shot Of Sad Child