Food Pantry Welcomes Comptroller

Rev. Robert Hahn, Calvert’s award recipient…was nominated for his work with End Hunger

Comptroller Peter Franchot presented three of the very first William Donald Schaefer Helping People Awards throughout Southern Maryland on Monday.
“Hunger is the scandal of our day,” said Rev. Robert Hahn, Calvert’s award recipient. He was nominated for his work with End Hunger, and during his acceptance, he said the award belongs to the volunteers working countywide.
The presentation was held at Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry, one of the several food pantries affiliated with End Hunger. End Hunger Director of Communications Jacqueline Hahn said Chesapeake Cares is the flagship location for End Hunger, and one of the largest, aside from the warehouse under construction on Route 231.
Food Pantry Manager Debbie Weber said Chesapeake Cares serves between 400 and 500 families per week.“If they walk through our front door, they will go home with groceries that evening,” she said. She said they send people home with
12 pounds of food per person in the household. They give away between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds of food during the pantry’s openings on Tuesday evening and Thursday mornings. Weber said they give out approximately 30,000 pounds of food per month. She said they do no background checks, nor do they ask about income levels. “We don’t judge, we leave that to God,” she said. “If they feel they have need we will send them home with groceries.”
End Hunger Program Director Robin Brungard said they also work with people to help them become self sufficient, be it
by getting them into job training or college classes or in other ways. She said End Hunger may soon be starting class-sized job training sessions aimed at multiple people, but currently they are working on a one-toone basis.
“It’s good to feed people, better to help them feed themselves,” Brungard said.
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