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We need YOU to make this year’s Live Out Loud End Hunger Obstacle Run a success! Below is a description of our volunteer opportunities. Please fill out the short form and choose a couple of opportunities that interest you. Once your form is submitted, a member of our team will contact you and let you know which spot is the best fit. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Thanks again for your willingness to serve with us. #givewhereyoulive

Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-Event Opportunties

Course Setup Team: (Friday & Saturday Opportunities – Dates TBD)
Some of our obstacles will need help with assembly, so if you are physically strong and have the desire to build, this is for you!
Minimum Serving Age: 14

SWAG Prep Team: (Evening)
Come get SWAG (stands for: Stuff We All Get) bags ready and organized for our runners to receive on event-day! We will be folding t-shirts and stuffing bags.
Minimum Serving Age: 10 with adult

Merchandise Prep Team: (10/6 Late morning or Afternoon)
Pull and organize pre-purchased Merchandise Items so everything is ready to be picked up early Saturday morning.
Minimum Serving Age: 14

Balloon Prep Team: (10/6 Morning or Afternoon)
Create the greatest balloon arch for race day and other fun balloon-built items.
Minimum Serving Age: 14

Event Setup Team: (10/6 Afternoon or Late Afternoon)
Set-up tables, chairs, tents, signage, and much more to ensure a smooth morning on event-day.
Minimum Serving Age: 12 with adult

Care Prep Team: (10/6 Evening)
Prepare food trays and drinks ahead of time, so we’re ready to serve bright and early Saturday morning.
Minimum Serving Age: 12 with adult

Day-Of Event Opportunities

Balloon Team: (Early Morning)
Blow-up balloons and distribute them throughout the Chesapeake Church campus to add pizzazz to the event-day festivities!
Minimum Serving Age: 12 with adult

Admin Team: (Early Morning – Morning)
Organize and record Check-In and Same-Day Registration paperwork.
Minimum Serving Age: 18

Check-In Team: (Early Morning – Morning)
Greet and check-in runners as they arrive to give them their bibs.
Minimum Serving Age: 14 with Adult

Same-Day Registration Team: (Early Morning – Morning)
Greet, inform and register our day-of walk-in guests.
Minimum Serving Age: 18

Facilities Team: (Morning or Afternoon)
Maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Chesapeake’s campus to ensure guests have the best experience possible.
Minimum Serving Age: 10 with adult

Timing Assistants Team: (Early Morning – Afternoon)
Support our timing company by helping with tracking the race results.
Minimum Serving Age: 18

Care Team: (Early Morning, Late Morning or Afternoon)
Ensure volunteers and runners are fed and hydrated.
Minimum Serving Age: 12 with adult

Volunteer Childcare Team: (Early Morning, Late Morning, or Afternoon)
Care for our volunteers by caring for their children! This is a great opportunity that you can even have your children right there with you.
Minimum Serving Age: 13

Merchandise Team: (Early Morning, Morning or Afternoon)
Organize & sell exclusive End Hunger merchandise to participants and spectators throughout the day.
Minimum Serving Age: 14

Traffic Safety Team: (Early Morning, Morning or Afternoon)
Provide an excellent first impression as our runners enter the campus by welcoming them, directing them, and making room for each of our guests that day.
Minimum Serving Age: 16

Course Spotter Team: (Early Morning, Late Morning, or Afternoon)
Ensure the safety of all runners as they tackle the obstacles.
Minimum Serving Age: 16 – must be able to lift 40 lbs.

Photo/Video Team: (Early Morning, Morning or Afternoon)
Capture the excitement of the day through photo and video. Must have previous photo/video experience and be able to bring own professional-quality equipment.
Minimum Serving Age: 16

Clean Up Crew: (Afternoon)
Tearing down some of the obstacles after the mud and the fun is over (This is a great opportunity if you want to volunteer AND run!).
Minimum Serving Age: 12 with adult

First Aid Team: (Early Morning – Afternoon)
If you are a Nurse, EMT, Medic, or other medical professional, join this team to care for runners, spectators and volunteers throughout the day.
Minimum Serving Age: 18

NOTE: If you are volunteering as a youth, you must service side by side with an adult.


Please fill out the form below to select your volunteer position. If you have any issues accessing or submitting the form, please email us at [email protected]