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The following items are suggested items for you to donate towards and End Hunger Food Drive. Parents PLEASE involve your kids! Take them to the grocery store, let them get the items off the shelf, and talk with them about the reality of hunger in our county and how together we are the solution.

We also encourage you to have fun with it and make it personal! If you have a favorite meal or snack, feel free to donate those items as well. Please just make sure any donated items are nonperishable, and please be mindful expiration dates. All donated items can be taken to your child’s local school, a participating business, or Partner Feeding Organization.

Thank you, we are the POWER of #givewhereyoulive.

Suggested Food Items

  • pasta
  • spaghetti/tomato sauce
  • rice, noodle side dishes
  • mac & cheese
  • boxed meals/stuffing mix
  • cereal/oatmeal
  • dry beans, brown rice
  • stew, chili w/ beans
  • tuna, chicken, salmon
  • vegetables
  • kidney/black beans
  • fruit in light syrup
  • soup/ramen noodles
  • peanut butter