End Hunger in Calvert County Receives $25,000 Grant

“End Hunger is like a family.” Dwayne Redd, State Farm’s Public Relations Specialist, beams as he describes his first impression of End Hunger in Calvert County. “They deserve this grant– together, they do so much for this community.”
The afternoon of October 17th glowed with celebration and vibrant community as leaders of the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program and End Hunger in Calvert County met to celebrate this victory–one which means even more to Southern Maryland than the 100,000 meals this $25,000 grant will provide to low-income families. This victory “rallied up the people again behind this cause,” commented Pastor Robert Hahn, CEO of End Hunger. This is End Hunger’s second consecutive win, fueling this charity with not only the physical resources it needs to continue transforming lives, but also the encouragement of like-minded people. Together, State Farm and End Hunger are passionately and strategically assisting their neighbors in need.
End Hunger in Calvert County (EHCC) is “a coalition of over 150 businesses, churches, schools, social service and government agencies united behind the idea that we can end hunger in our community.” Every dollar of this State Farm Grant will go directly towards feeding the hungry. But the scope of this victory transcends mere food. This winter, needy families won’t need to choose between buying groceries or providing their children with winter clothes; purchasing medicine; or heating their homes. Families will experience hope and comfort–and that impact is invaluable.
Winning this grant took the coordination and collaboration of many key figures. One of whom is Ed Paton, a State Farm Agent local to Huntingtown, who proudly stated: “This organization (EHCC)–they knock it out of the park. Two years in a row, $50,000 total.”
Next, he spoke specifically about The State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program: “It was designed for exactly this: they give out 40 grants every year, $25,000 apiece to folks who work in their communities and help. And we are honored to award this to you all.”
The palpable energy and enthusiasm felt during this ceremony is just a snapshot of the passionate care that needy families experience day-in and day-out through EHCC and its partners. State Farm’s generosity is sure to create enduring waves in this county—or, in Ed Paton’s words, “The Little County That Could.”
If you’d like to learn more about End Hunger in Calvert County and how this State Farm Neighborhood Assist grant will impact this community, check out End Hunger at https://old.endhungercalvert.org/
And State Farm Neighborhood Assist at https://www.neighborhoodassist.com/