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2020 Is Officially The Year Of End Hunger in Calvert County

February 2, 2020

The Calvert Board of County Commissioners and End Hunger In Calvert County have entered into an extraordinary and unprecedented partnership ensuring that food insecurity in our region is dealt with in an efficient and compassionate manner.
Calvert County’s Department of Community Resources and End Hunger in Calvert County Inc. agreed to partner on a funding effort for the construction of a commercial-grade food storage and distribution center in Huntingtown. The county commissioners gave their blessing during a May 21 public hearing.
End Hunger Warehouse will not only provide improved food supply and distribution to all of Southern Maryland, it will also expand our ability to deepen job training and healthy cooking programs.The groundbreaking work of the collaborative between Calvert County Government and End Hunger will create much needed office space where non-profits can work together to solve problems for county residents — truly a total community supported enterprise.
It was proclaimed by the Calvert Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) that in appreciation, the year 2020 is officially designated as the Year of End Hunger in Calvert County. It was further proclaimed that all segments of our community, in partnership with End Hunger in Calvert County, are urged to celebrate and demonstrate their commitment to this worthy cause and thereby share in our unified sense of pride and accomplishment that together we did something great for our citizens.
Margit Miller / Calvert Beacon

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