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Another step for End Hunger

December 11, 2013

End Hunger in Calvert County has taken yet another step in fulfilling its mission. Last Monday, 18 adults graduated the organization’s inaugural Culinary Training Program, which helped give these adults the tools they need to not only find their way around the kitchen, but make them prime candidates to work locally in a restaurant or bakery.
This is the second program End Hunger created to help adults land a job and become self-sustaining members of the community. Last December, 24 members of End Hunger’s first electrical training program graduated, having received training necessary to land jobs at local electric companies.
All of this training in culinary and electrical skills was provided for free to qualifying students by End Hunger and partnering organizations.
While End Hunger started in 2008 as a food pantry aimed at helping those in need, it has always aimed to eradicate the roots of hunger. Unemployment obviously makes it difficult for someone to provide for themselves or their family, and by giving willing participants the opportunity to learn new, needed and marketable skills, End Hunger is taking yet another step in its mission to eradicate hunger in Calvert.
With a music festival, bike ride, 5K run/walk, and its Foodstock events, End Hunger is a force to be reckoned with. Even most recently during government furloughs, End Hunger stepped up to make sure employees suffering the effects of a dysfunctional government would not go without. We commend these selfless efforts.
The Rev. Robert Hahn and the Chesapeake Church congregation may have taken on a huge challenge, but nothing seems to be stopping this juggernaut. With each job training program, fundraising challenge or food distribution event, End Hunger in Calvert County is chiseling away at the number of those in need. Helping those in need gain skills to become self-sufficient, contributing members of the community is another smart way to achieve this goal.

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