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Bayside Chevrolet Donates $7,200 to End Hunger in Calvert County

November 27, 2014

Donation will provide meals for 360 Calvert County Families

Bayside Auto Group in Prince Frederick donated $7,200 to End Hunger In Calvert County. This donation came from their month long fundraiser to support the organization. For every car sold during the month of October, the dealership donated $50 to feeding local families.
This donation will provide 360 meals for Calvert County families.
“Back in July, End Hunger In Calvert County purchased over 3,000 turkey’s for the upcoming holiday season,” says Rev. Robert P. Hahn CEO of End Hunger In Calvert County. “At the time we didn’t know how they would get paid for but we knew that families would need them. This donation just answered the question, and now families will be able to have dinner together – not a soup kitchen – but in their own home.”
“Over the years, community involvement and participation has been one of the biggest motivators for myself as well as our entire team at Bayside Auto Group,” says Andrew Wanamaker Controller for Bayside Auto Group. “Our team was extremely excited to partake in End Hunger in Calvert County month because we not only understood that every car we sold represented a local family, but we got a chance to show how passionate we are for our community in Calvert County. We are very proud to be in this community and love being able to make a real difference for real people.”
About End Hunger In Calvert County:
EHCC is an association of over 50 businesses, 23 Feeding Organizations, 26 churches and community groups united behind the goal of ending hunger in our county. For
For more information visit us online at

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