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Start giving early

September 5, 2014

The need to feed those in need is an issue that doesn’t appear to be abating any time soon. As the cold weather approaches, some families in Southern Maryland will be forced to find ways to not only stay warm, but to feed themselves and their families. Recognizing this continuing need, the Maryland Food Bank launched Hunger Action Month 2014 this week.
The Maryland Food Bank, based in Baltimore, distributes food throughout the state, but mainly focuses in Maryland’s neediest areas, including Baltimore city and Somerset, Wicomico and Washington counties, according to its website. Citing its statistics, the Maryland Food Bank recognizes nearly 780,000 Marylanders in need of food assistance.
In Southern Maryland, the Southern Maryland Food Bank, based in Hughesville, serves as a hub for the region. Calvert and St. Mary’s counties have 13 food pantries each that work in partnership with the regional food bank, while Charles has 16.
The End Hunger in Calvert County campaign has partnered with numerous agencies in and outside the county to help eradicate hunger locally, and has been successful in its efforts, having raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in its efforts and distributing thousands of pounds of food to families in the county. It hosts several events during the year, and will be hosting a family-friendly Obstacle Run at Chesapeake Church in Huntingtown on Sept. 20. Details and how to sign up can be found on the organization’s website,
More information about the Hunger Action Month 2014 can be found at More information about the Southern Maryland Food Bank and where to make donations to local pantries can be found at
As we begin to plan for the holiday season and all the shopping and feasting ahead, launching a statewide effort this month to stock food pantries is a wise decision. Now is the perfect time to run out to the grocery store, purchase a basket full of food and donate it to a nearby pantry. We should do so now before we get caught up in driving from store to store, trying to get that perfect Christmas gift or the right size turkey for Thanksgiving. Let’s start the giving season a little early.

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